Numbers in German

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Numbers in German

About this Course


  Everything - and possibly more - you ever wanted to know and learn about saying and using  numbers in German! Updated April 2024

Do you get numbers like 54 and 45 mixed up when trying to say them in German?
Do you find it difficult to understand what the German cashier said you need to pay?
Do you struggle to understand what time it is if the other person uses the 12-hour clock in German?

You are not alone!

Many German learners struggle with numbers, even if they are advanced students.

This comprehensive course covers everything you ever wanted to know about numbers in German.  
You will learn ...

  • to count to a million (if you really want to ☺)
  • to say and understand telephone numbers
  • to understand and use the 24 and 12-hour clock
  • to understand and use the correct currency, prices and sizes when shopping in Germany
  • to be able to have a go at some maths in German (I made it simple, but you can make it harder)
  • know how to use ordinal numbers in German

All this will be reinforced with a quiz, and reading, listening and writing exercises.

This course is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 and available 24/7. 
At the end of this course you will be my "Number" one fan ☺

How is this course different from other courses?

Most German courses or textbooks cover many topics, but not always in great detail. Normally, there is a tutor to explain more. That can be a problem for those who are teaching themselves as they might not have anybody to explain further.

My courses are in depth, easy to understand and come with a workbook (to print out or fill in online) with space for your own notes and exercises, a quiz at the end, a German learners' community and monthly live sessions, where we can learn together and help each other.

Course content

videoA little ad to entice you ;-)15 sFree
videoIntroduction and information about this course3 m 6 sFree
videoNEW! German Learners' Community Start
videoAbout the quiz & certificate Start
videoA little info about Angelika Start
videoThe workbook Start
video0 - 103 m 48 sFree
video1 - 10 the PDF Start
video11 - 203 m 5 s Start
video11 - 20 the PDF Start
video21 - 1007 m 17 s Start
video21 - 100 the PDF Start
videoNumbers 1 - 100 handout Start
video100 - 10003 m 6 s Start
video100 - 1000 the PDF Start
video1000+6 m 42 s Start
video1000+ the PDF Start
videoTelephone numbers - listening practice10 m 34 s Start
videoSome ideas for some extra German number practice Start
video24h clock5 m 37 s Start
videoTime tables4 m 39 s Start
videoTime tables - the PDF Start
video12hr clock9 m 5 sFree
video12hr clock - the PDF Start
videoPractice the 12 hr clock - a listening exercise4 m 59 s Start
videoThe 12h clock part 24 m 35 s Start
videoThe 12 hr clock part 2 - the PDF Start
videoBreak?6 s Start
videoYears3 m 10 s Start
videoYears - the PDF Start
videoMoney, prices10 m 19 s Start
videoMoney, prices - the PDF Start
videoCurrency2 m 39 s Start
videoCurrency - the PDF Start
videoThe 500 Euro note Start
videoClothes and shoe sizes3 m 49 s Start
videoClothes and shoe sizes - the PDF Start
videoFractions, measurements, weights, decimals6 m 9 s Start
videoFractions, measurements, weights, decimals - the PDF Start
videoA little maths17 m 41 sFree
videoA little maths - the PDF Start
videoA little German grammar information Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the nominative case10 m 24 s Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the nominative case - the PDF Start
videoPhew!6 s Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the accusative case4 m 34 s Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the accusative case - the PDF Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the dative case4 m 25 s Start
videoOrdinal numbers in the dative case - the PDF Start
videoOther number things4 m 48 s Start
videoOther number things - the PDF Start
videoPutting it all together3 m 44 s Start
videoPutting it all together - the PDF Start
videoSome extra work for you Start
videoUsing Pinterest for further practice & ideas Start
videoWhat next? Start
videoFind me on social media Start
videoInterested in becoming an affiliate? Start

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