Language Learning - how to decide which is the best for you

Duration 32 m 8 s

Language Learning - how to decide which is the best for you

About this Course

Tips to help you decide which language to learn if you don't HAVE to but WANT to learn a new foreign language

Welcome to my very quick and free course about language learning! 

Have you ever had this idea of learning a new language but didn't know which one?  

If that sounds like you then this course is perfect for you as it will help you decide which language you might want to learn. You will get... 

  • tips on how to work out which language might be the best one for you 
  • ideas how to try out some of the languages you might want to learn 
  • tips on how to learn your chosen language on your own  
  • and how to form a habit to keep on learning your chosen language 

So,  download the workbook, print it or use the online version, or grab yourself pen and paper and follow the ideas in the videos. At the end of this course you will have a better idea about which new language to learn - exciting times ahead!

Course content

videoI want to learn a foreign language35 s
video'Proper' introduction
videoAbout the quiz & certificate
videoA little info about Angelika
videoThe workbook
videoHow to decide which language to learn8 m 12 s
videoHow to decide which language to learn - the PDF
videoFree (or almost free) online resources17 m 58 s
videoList of links
videoMore online resources
videoOne more thing before you go!3 m 1 s
videoLearning a Language - the poem2 m 22 s
videoAn idea from the British Council
videoAnother great idea, this time from 'Action for Happiness'
videoUsing Pinterest for further practice & ideas
videoWhat next?
videoFind me on social media
videoA little joke poster
videoWhat is it?
videoEuropean Language Portfolio - the PDF
videoLanguage Passport - the PDF
videoInterested in becoming an affiliate?

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Angelika Davey

Angelika Davey

Course Instructor

German tutor, author and online course creator