Basic German - First essential language skills for your adventures abroad

Duration 28 m 9 s

Basic German - First essential language skills for your adventures abroad

About this Course

This free course for absolute beginners. No previous knowledge is required! Updated April 2024

Are you wondering whether you should learn German or not? You'd like to, but are not quite sure whether to spend money on a course or not? 

This free course is perfect for you! 

It gives you some very basic German, enough to see if you like it or not. 

It is also perfect for anybody who is going to Germany very soon. You don't have time for a German course but would really like to be able to speak a few words. 

By the end of this course you'll be able to

  •  greet people 
  • introduce yourself 
  • say the numbers from 1 - 10 
  • be polite by using, yes, no, please, thank you 
  • ask Germans if they speak English - in German 
  • say that you don't like certain food or are allergic to it

Sounds good, doesn't it? Enrol and try it, go on!



Course content

videoA little teaser ;-)26 s
videoWelcome and introduction5 m 45 s
videoNEW! German Learners' Community
videoAbout the quiz and certificate
videoA little info about Angelika
videoThe workbook
videoThe following videos
videoGerman greetings2 m 20 s
videoIntroducing yourself in German5 m 19 s
videoFour little, but very useful, words2 m 15 s
videoDo you speak English?2 m 54 s
videoThe numbers from zero to ten2 m 41 s
videoI'm allergic to ...3 m 21 s
videoFinal video3 m 8 s
videoThe link and coupon to the beginners' course
videoGeneral 'what next'
videoInterested in becoming an affiliate?

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Angelika Davey

Angelika Davey

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